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We are vacamorta marketing.
We create unique designs.

Our professional team has more than 15 years of experience in marketing, web development and graphic design.

We team up with your business to take care of the whole creative process and online development, to bring your brand to a whole new level. Your agency in Vigo.

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Are you going to start a business?

In this case you will need the best branding. Thanks to our know-how in branding, we create attractive brand identities, according to your company’s marketing goals.

To be able to achieve the best publicity, we work from A to Z, from the first concept based on your business style to the last of creating a unique visual identity.

Do you want to refresh the image of your company?

Design trends change so fast and your brand’s identity should adapt to them to not become obsolete and/or lose potential customers.

Vacamorta marketing helps you to renovate your brand’s image, starting from the logo, creating a coherent and attractive visual system, based on your company’s spirit!

Logo design and visual identity

Do you have an idea?

We begin designing with a briefing that allows us to understand your needs.

The logotype is the most recognizable element in your brand identity, so we create appealing designs to attract your audience.

Brand image

Logo is only the first step!

Your brand’s spirit has to be present in every channel you use to interact with your customers. Colors, typos and every element of design step up your corporate image, creating a recognizable visual system.

We create the communication system for your new company completely, or we redesign your current brand.

Style guide

Do you need to arrange the corporate image of your company?

The style guide is the document that establishes the correct use of your brand’s image.

In the style guide we set the right way to use your logo, fonts and colors, among others, to ensure that all of your brand’s designs are unified.

Corporate stationery

Take your brand to the real world!

A well-designed business card or an attractive folder design are key elements to make sure that your customers select your company.

Since we communicate digitally more and more every day, we also create digital signatures, bills, templates… ready to be sent by email.

Iconography and illustration

We care about every detail in your brand’s image.

As part of the branding in a company, additional visual resources are needed in order to create a recognizable visual system.

For web, print or display; icons, illustrations, photography and typography achieve making your brand’s designs unique and noteworthy.

We design the image your company deserves

The feelings that your brand inspire in your customers are essential to have a loyal audience.

You can trust in vacamorta marketing to carry out every branding service you need. Tell us about your project and we will assist you.




It is essential that your company is on the internet. It does not matter if it is a local business, B2B, big or small.

Your customers are going to search online about your company, thus the web page becomes your company’s first showcase. We develop websites with that in mind, so we focus on creating a positive experience for your customers.


Corporate website

Your company’s online showcase.

Your business needs to be on the internet with a web page that keeps up. We focus on your company’s needs in order to carry out your brand’s image digitally.

Whether you need a site based on WordPress or a custom development, the web pages we design meet the latest standards, always taking efficiency in consideration.


Increase your sales!

E-commerce sales numbers are increasing worldwide. Your customers love shopping online.

It doesn’t matter if you sell products or provide services, you will increase your business volume by selling on the internet in your own online store.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Optimize your position in search engines.

Your web page needs to be well positioned in online search engines: 86% of the users worldwide search on Google, 92% if we focus on Spain.

If your website is not showing up in the right search terms (keywords), you are losing customers.

We analyze the technical SEO parameters and the content of your web page, so we can implement solutions to optimize its online positioning.

UX / UI (User experience and interface)

Solving the puzzle.

As part of every website development it is necessary to make a preliminary analysis of the content and its structure.

We study every factor, from the location of the call to action, text sizing and positioning, to a proper usage of colors and corporate typographies to maximize your web page’s conversion.


Is your website effective?

Once we have finished the development of your web page, it is necessary to analyze the behavior of your users on it, in order to check if we are achieving our goals.

We use the most effective analyzing tools to review and optimize your website even more.

Your online image matters!

Having a website is not enough. Your web page must be well taken care of and be an extension of your business. That is the only way to achieve a loyal audience to your brand.

In vacamorta marketing we are experts on web development, and we keep in mind every factor to create an attractive web page that turns large number of users into your customers.


Design & advertising

It is difficult to beam among other companies which are competing for the same customers as you. In the visual world we live in, creative designs make a difference.

We put our team’s profound experience in graphic design at your disposal, to generate attractive ideas in line with your branding strategy.

  • Advertising

    The final step of marketing, the showcase.

    Your brand has to be visible in order to attract. Whether in a magazine, on a bus or on an online platform, ads play a part in our everyday life and it is the way for your brand to be memorable.

  • SEM and email marketing

    Create a distinctive brand.

    Through advertising in search engines or websites you can take your brand to new audiences. Audience segmentation is the key, so your ad is shown in the right place and time to increase your service or product sales.

    At the same time, newsletters and email marketing increase your audience’s engagement with your brand, since they offer advices, interesting news or appealing discounts.

  • Catalogs, brochures and flyers

    Put your brand in your audience’s hands.

    The way to achieve the biggest affinity with your brand, whether to promote your company or show your product’s benefits, is through printed media.

    To hand a well-designed brochure or flyer to your potential customer, will be the key point that will make them choose your company over your competitors.

  • Signage and environmental design

    Let your space to reflect your company’s soul!

    Either in a physical store or in your company’s offices, the space you use should evoke your brand’s identity. Every contact point with your audience must show the personality of your company.

    We design from product shelf labels to showcases and every decorative element for your business’ headquarters.

  • Graphic design

    We create every design you may need.

    Did we miss anything? Corporate clothing, infographics, packaging and wrapper design, photography… There is not enough space in this page to describe every service we perform.

    We make your graphic need wishes come true. We are specialists in creating attractive visual pieces for your company.

  • First impression matters!

    Your product deserves the best introduction. A picture speaks a thousand words and the first contact your audience will have with your product is through graphic design.

    Our team has many years of expertize in graphic design, so we can easily undertake any project you need us to.



Make your company stand out!

It is vital to have an attractive image in social networks nowadays, in order to shine in the crowd.

If you sell products, a fine Instagram profile will attract potential customers to your online store. This is only an example of the importance of having a good image on social networks.


Content is important!

To draft a text that fulfills your marketing goals as well as being enjoyable, is a complicated task.

If you have a blog, a news section on your website or if you want to create attractive posts for social media, we will make sure that your content is entertaining for your users.

Community Management

Interact with your audience!

Social networks are a reflection of your business. A company that cares about their social media posts, builds trust in its users.

We manage all of your content in social network; for instance, posting news with a proper frequency, updating your social network profiles, developing the communication strategy for your brand and so on.



Our offices are in the city of Vigo, Spain,
but we have no borders!


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